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RC Boats Guide - Learn Which Boat Suits You

Our Catamarans:

PX-16 Storm Rider:

Features: real life replica, stable, high top-end speed.
Ages: 8yo to Adults
Suitable for: All water conditions except small areas such as pools. Suitable for the ocean.

Managers Tip: Solid choice for catamaran lovers. Its a sexy looking boat and performs well. We dont recommend it for swimming pools, its too big for that. All other conditions, we highly recommend it.

Our Deep Vs:

Blue Streak 7008:

Features: Long battery life, stable and fast.
Ages: 6yo to Adults
Suitable for: All water conditions including ocean. Suitable for the ocean, can handle rough conditions.

Managers Tip: Such a versatile boat. Almost every customer raves about this boat from young kids to adults. Its a ripper and was easily our best seller in 2013. You really cant wrong with the Blue Streak.

Double Horse Superlative:

Features: great agility, 35km/hr speeds, super reliable
Ages: 8yo to Adults
Suitable for: All water conditions including the ocean.

Managers Tip: Big brother to the Blue Streak 7008 and my favourite boat. Its got the blue streak's measure for speed(but only just!). Its a gorgeous boat, you can take it anywhere and race anyone.

Our Shallow Vs:

Double Horse 7002 Musculus:

Features: Extremely agile, fast acceleration.
Ages: 6yo to adults
Suitable For: Pools, rivers, creeks, lakes. suitable for the ocean if calm.

Managers Tip: This boat can operate in about 3 inches of water. It turns on a dime and has very good acceleration. Get this boat if you are using in flat water conditions or a small area. Its agility is insane.