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Common Questions

Q - Which boat is best for a first timer/beginner?

A - The Double Horse 7002 Musculus is great value for money for kids and adults. For teenagers through to Adults looking for a first time boat - we recommend the Double Horse Superlative or the Blue Streak 7008. Both of these speed boats are pre-assembled, easy to control and they also hit very solid speeds for a 1st timer.

Q - Whats your fastest boat?

A - The Victory 98 and the Aqua Mania G3 are our fastest models. They can hit speeds of 70km/hr

Q - Are the boats assembled? Do I need to add anything?

All of our boats come fully assembled and ready to run.

Q - What batteries do I need?

A - Each boat comes with a rechargeable battery which can be charged using the AC wall charger provided. You will also need AA batteries for the remote. Most remotes take either 6 or 8 AAs. These batteries will last quite a long time as the remote doesn't require a lot of power.

Q - How do I charge my NI-CD battery?

A - Firstly never leave the battery unattended whilst charging. Only charge with the proper charger and charge battery until it is just warm to touch. Alternatively, you can use a volt meter if you have one.

Q - Do I need to charge my battery before 1st use?

A - Yes, the batteries will have charge in them, but they will need a deep charge.

Q - How long do I charge the battery for?

The battery will have a mah size - for example 1600mah. The charger will have a mah rating for example 400mah. This means the charger will recharge the battery at 400mah per hour. So you will need to charge a fully empty 1600mah battery for approximately 4 hours. Whilst this is a useful calculation - in reality the battery may not be fully empty. A Ni-Mh battery is charged once it is slightly warm to touch. We must stipulate that as soon as you feel some heat from the battery, you must discontinue charging.

Q - Can you run boats in Salt Water?

A - Yes you can, but we recommend the following
1. Rinse the boat and cooling system immediately after use
2. Salt Water generally means you will be in rougher waters. Consider getting a catamaran style boat which can cut easier through swells and waves.
3. Stay away from seaweed! Its not a huge concern, but it can get tangled up and stall the prop.

Q - Is it easy to operate an RC Boat?

A - Yes, its quite easy to control all of these boats. Whilst our bigger models hit high speeds, they are designed to be stable. Boats are 2 channel, you only need to control speed and steering. Unlike other RC vehicles such as planes and helicopters which have many more channels.

Q - Do boats have reverse?

A - Less than 5% of RC boats have reverse. Its a very difficult and expensive function to implement and rarely required.

Q - Whilst testing my boat, the propeller is not spinning?

A - Many RC Boats have a safety feature which only lets the propeller turn once it's in the water.

Q - My boat is in the water, but still doesn't work?

A - Check the battery is connected properly. Make sure the battery is fully charged. Lastly, there may be a safety metal piece on the back of the boat, this is the safety feature to only allow propeller to turn when in water. Lightly sand this piece with a small piece of sandpaper.

Q - There is water inside the hull, is this normal?

A - Yes, all boats will take some water during operation. Be sure to completely dry before storing your boat away.

Q - My boat has 2 motors and one motor is not working.

A - You may have got water inside the main board and battery area, take the cover off and allow everything to dry for several days. This usually solves the problem. Secondly, check there is no loose wires.

Q - The rudder on my boat doesn't work?

A - If your boat has 2 motors, the rudder is only used for trimming during straight-line driving. Turning is controlled by varying the speeds of the motors.

Q - My rudder only works in one direction, what can I do?

A - Make sure the servo is fixed properly in the bracket and not slipping. Check for any loose screws.

Q - My new boat only runs for about 3 minutes?

A - Many batteries require several cycles before they reach full discharge capacity. Run it down and recharge several times.

Q - My boat only works about 5 metres from me?

A - Firstly make sure the antenna on the remote is fitted correctly, it needs to be screwed in snugly. Secondly, check that the antenna in the boat hasn't been pulled out of the PCB board.